Still in school?

Trying to navigate high school or college while facing an unplanned pregnancy seems impossible.

One day you’re focused on homework, hanging out with friends, and graduation. The next day, you have pregnancy symptoms and need to make a life-altering decision.

Support for pregnant students

We provide no-cost confidential services for women who think they may be pregnant. We are your safe place for getting the information you need. We provide:

Know Your Rights

As a pregnant student, the federal government protects you with certain rights. The U.S. Department of Education prohibits discrimination – including pregnancy and student parenthood status.

You can’t be kept from classes, student activities, or any extra-curricular activities. Your school must excuse absences due to your pregnancy or childbirth. 

How We Can Help You

Alpha House is ready to help you on this journey. We know you’re nervous, so feel free to contact us in whatever is most comfortable. Come by the center during office hours, reach us by phone or text on our 24-hour helpline, or walk-in. We are here for you. 

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